a mess of a collection

Here's another collection I didn't really take to at first glance, but then started to grow on me - Olivier Theyskens' spring collection for Nina Ricci. I've already posted a bit about his evening dresses, which I'm hugely partial to, even though I've never been much of a evening dress person. But looking through the rest of his collection, I'm starting to appreciate the, messy-chic, vaguely Gothic, vaguely flapper, vaguely Mary Kate Olsen vibe of this collection. I know none of those adjectives are necessarily flattering, but I mean them in a good way. Looking at it piece by piece it's clear that they're simply pretty, beautifully crafted dresses in lovely fabrics with lots of cool styling - rock chick hair, smokey eyes, feathers, layering. It all comes together quite nicely, even if the look is a little too dramatic for me to try out on an everyday basis - I prefer a cleaner look, haha. Collections like this always make me think: what can I take away from it and make it my own?

Pictures from www.style.com


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