i'm sooo bored

Got up at 3 pm today, which was pretty cool, and was greeted with a text msg from a friend asking if I wanted to go shopping. Hell no. I love my friend, nothing personal there, but I'm pretty bleah about shopping now because a) Saturdays are AWFUL for shopping - the whole world is out there, right now, thronging through the shops and you'll wait ages just to try something, and hence you won't; b) pay day is next week, boo; and c) shopping is really boring right now. There's just nothing in the stores I want to buy - I'm hitting that shopping plateau where figuring out new ways to wear my old clothes is more fun than buying something new. I went out shopping for the first time in months on Thurday, and nada, nothing inspired me! That's so sad. Maybe it's not such a bad thing; maybe I've finally gone from being hopelessly consumerist to thinking consumer of fashion. At this point I should reiterate a sort-of motto I've been trying to live buy ever since the epiphany hit me: buy ONLY what you love. It's not necessarily a money-saving measure - what I loved has on occasion, bankrupted me - but it can save you an awful lot from buying things you regret later. And it saves you precious closet space. In anycase, I'm about to make a sharp digression in my next post - a rather delayed blooming of a love for fringe.


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