the good in the new - part I

Vera Wang and Prada, fall 2007

Chloe and YSL Rive Gauche, Spring 2008

Looking at the all the trend reports for spring, as well as the stuff in the shops and magazines now, it's hard not to feel slightly bored. There are all these new ideas that we're supposed to be able to try - ankle boots, gloves, hats (head gear generally), jodphurs (seriously?), wide-legged trousers (but those never really went out of style, they're classics!), high-waisted jeans (the domain of the trendy, let's face it), really clunky shoes...the list could go on for quite a bit. It only makes me feel sort of tired because I can't really take any of it seriously. The last time a seismic trend hit and got me excited was when belts started coming back in fashion again, re-introducing to me the joys of realising that yes, I do have a waist. And skinny jeans, were quite fun, even though I only went for the narrow, straight jeans, not the ankle-crushing, leggings-lookalike versions. Next season we're supposed to be all keen on sheer, diaphanous garments and pretty prints, which isn't really ringing my bells either - for the simple reason that it's just the "same old brand new you", to quote a really old boyband tune. But there are one or two things that I did get kind of excited about, and hope to see percolate down to a mass-market level that I can afford. Top of the list is the sleeveless coat. A total oxymoron and possible a joke on those who live in colder climates (it really doesn't sound all that practical no matter what they keep saying about how it'll layer beautifully), but such a fun idea to try out here in Singapore, though possibly on a not-so-hot day. I especially like the cap-sleeved one by Vera Wang, and Marni, Prada, and Martin Margiela all showed nice ones, and the look was also spotted at Chloe and YSL for spring. My passion for short-sleeved/sleeveless coats is akin to my passion for sleeveless/short-sleeved jackets and cardigans - they allow me throw in a bit of tailoring and finish to my outfits without toasting me alive. Balenciaga started my obsession last year by making a capsleeved jacket (spotted in Vogue), hopefully now that more designers have picked it up I can expand my collection a little more.

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