before I go on to talk about my delayed crush, let's talk about one of my all-time crushes...

Is it so bad to say out loud that I rather like Kate Moss? That, in spite of her very whatever collection for Topshop, and her overexposed-ness to the point of generic, in spite of the fact that by saying so I risk being classified as some kind of fashion groupie, and I hate that - I'm no groupie of anything except the Red Hot Chilli Peppers okay? ANYWAY. Ms Moss is wearing rather generic clothes (from her line for Topshop, it seems) styled in a fairly unremarkable (but pleasing) way, and she's also rather late on the bangs uptake, but she still exudes kick-ass style. I consistently admire people who make everyone else look like they're trying too hard, and Ms Moss manages to do this everytime. She never looks like she's out to show someone up, or trying to start something new (see Olsen, Ashley; Mary Kate or Barton, Mischa for that) - she's just cool, inspiring a lot of uncool gushing from me.

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