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I am not an early adopter or innovator or whatever you call those ahead of the curve types in that model they use to measure consumer behavior (you might wonder how I got my degree, I haven't the faintest idea myself). Most of the time, when I look through magazines, surf the net, shop, watch TV, I see looks like I like, but I haven't properly processed it. By the time I work out that yes, I like the look, and yes, I want to give it a spin, and yes, this is how I'm going to do it, it could be six months and a year later, when all the items available to approximate that vibe has sold out of the shops, and people are moving on to the next thing.

Right now, when I look at these pictures from the Dries Van Noten fall show, I'm at the not-quite-sure stage.

I can work out that it's the colours that I like, the mix of patterns, the fluid and relaxed shapes. But I wouldn't wear it as I see it. I hate the length of those shifts on myself for one thing. But these images come to my mind when I dress in the morning.

To sidetrack: I admire the artistry of Dries Van Noten - that in this time and day of disposable trends and seasonal wardrobe purges, he can still make something that can't be ripped off without looking cheap and pathetic. He's not offering ideas; he's putting up a total look, an absolute point of view that you either like or dislike, confident that his vision is good enough and impervious to trends and moods other than his own. This is what makes designer clothing worth their price tags.

Anyway, back to my point, I still have no idea how the looks here can coalasce with my own. Maybe it'll inspire me to have a go at colour. I'll wait for the thought to come to me.

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