bare feet

I am quite in love with these sandals from Topshop, because they break me out of the shoe rut I've been feeling lately. It's nobody's fault but mine that I;m in shoe rut thought, because I am tremendously boring when it comes to shoes - it's round toe flats, more round toe flats, and flip flops. I just need shoes to be comfortable, and those work best for me. Moreover, even though I've assembled a fleet of flats in a range of colours and textures, I end up wearing the plain cream ballet ones or the pale gold ones, because they go with everything, and I don't really like dark shoes except with certain outfits. So hence, shoe rut.
These are kind of my baby steps towards gladiator sandals. I was really inspired by the Chanel ones from the Cruise collection last year, but I'm not too sure if I can pull those off, or actually find anything like those (within my price range) at all.
I've been imagining them with all kinds of outfits ever since. I guess there's been a ballet flat overkill since forever, and I really crave something different without resorting to oddly-shaped heels. These comfy, feet-flattering sandals are a nice compromise for me.
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