Ohhh, this is definitely my hot-weather look of the moment -

I am no fan of nudes because it generally does not flatter me, but the clean-ness of the colour has always appealed to me. Normally mixing different shades of beige is tricky as well, but I think this A.P.C. look here works pretty well, and makes a nice alternative to summer whites.I also very much covet the bag.

In fact, the whole vaguely 70s, vaguely Chloe, vaguely schoolgirl, very chic/cool outfit is exactly what I want to wear, right now.

(But I am deprived of the joy of dressing as I please now, because my legs are recovering from a hideous rash. And the weather is so lovely for showing leg. Dammit.)

On a related note, one thing I have been craving is a nude patent bag. I haven't actually seen one, but it's one of those things that creep into my head sometime in the middle of the night, and I wake up and think, "Hmmm wouldn't it be nice to own a bag in nude patent?"

It might have been something I've seen at Marni (it does sound like something they will make), but nope, so far the perfect one is eluding me.

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