presentation is everything

You've already seen it all at the shows and you're starting to see them in magazines, mostly in unimaginative spreads titled something like "The Best of Fall" or whatever, but the something like this comes along to prove that an editorial featuring a general overview of fall can be done without being boring. This spread in the June issue of W has that great scrapbook quality, as if giving you a glimpse into the fashion editor's notes itself. And the way it cuts in 'behind-the-scenes' snaps of the model on the shoot is a nice juxtaposition against the glossy perfection of the 'actual' shots. And through it all, it still managed to convey the overall sense of polish and sophistication that defined the general tone of the fall collections.To me, the whole point of these 'overview of a collection' editorials is to take each look from the designers' runway show and bring them one step closer to be looked at with a fresh eye by the reader - to sort of focus things for you - and W is doing it beautifully. It never ceases to amaze me how the same piece of clothing can look so unexpected in different magazines, just like one piece of clothing can be worn in completely different ways by different people. I love to see that kind of variety and diversity, because that's what makes fashion exciting for me - how to take something and make it yours.
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