oh uniqlo

It might have something to do with the fact that shopping has been absolutely boring lately, but I would like to know WHEN Uniqlo plans to open its doors here. In fact, I could ask the same of H&M, and so on, but let's stay focussed. There's is really nothing quite like it in Singapore here - quality basics, great aesthetic, fabulous prices.

So reading about the their new e-commerce site on Catwalk Queen was like another stab in my heart - yes, they ship now, but no, they don't ship outside of the UK. Great. The good thing about their revamped site is that it's way more comprehensive and you can see more of the collection, so I no longer need to figure out the Japanese on the Japanese site. (But that's still the best because of all the cool designer collaborations feature right there.)

Uniqlo is so near, and yet so far. They're in Hong Kong, they're in China, so really, why not Singapore?


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