The Great Singapore Sale is not so Great, but...

Yeah I did buy something. But that is the exception, rather than the norm. I've never been a fan of this so-called annual extravaganza, mainly because let's face it, most retailers bring out all kinds of back-season nonsense circa ???? to mark down to 70%, and a lot of it, no matter how cheap, is not fit to be worn. (Or maybe I'm not creative enough to see a use for them.) Most of the good stuff (i.e current season stock) goes on sale during July, when the end-of-season sales actually start, and that's where I like picking up stuff I've been coveting but my economising self refuses to let me touch. It's also a good time to pick out stuff that you can wear into the next season, but at a lower price from the new arrivals.
But back to the GSS (as snappily referred to by the Singapore Tourism Board and the rest of our acronym-loving citizens). I still cherish a hope that I will find something worth a shout. My favourite haunt for this is Ness and GG>5, where they not only mark down the current season stock, but also the slightly older stock at bigger discounts. In December last year, I found myself a very cool ruffled shirt at a mere $9, from Ness. The year before that I found another pretty floral floaty blouse for $12, also at Ness. And this year, a quick browse at GG>5 yielded this lovely black chiffon blouse, with cute pearly buttons (vaguely Victorian) and trimmed in a lovely robin blue ribbon. I love the $9 and 70% off racks at these two shops because you can always find something cool amidst the boring. This blouse is very Vera Wang romance, and well, I love Vera Wang. And it was only $19.95! I LOVE a bargain.
The only problem is, I can't really think of a creative way of wearing it, apart from layering it over a tank. I could wear it with different bottoms of course, but that's about it. Anyway, I think the GSS really reinforces that saying that "one man's meat is another man's poison" and vice versa. I found something dismissed by many (there were LOADS on the rack) and everyone dashed for the stuff I dismissed as rubbish. Either way, it makes the GSS, however nonsensical it is generally, occasionally fun in the most unexpected way.


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