I stumbled upon this blog http://34pieces.blogspot.com/ a little while back, which is a daily record of outfits created from 34 pieces from the blogger's wardrobe. What an idea! I think it's something everyone should have a go at because it probably forces you to reevaluate the stuff in your closet in a way you wouldn't if you have 12 pairs of jeans to choose from instead of just one.
The hard part, for me, would be to select the 34 pieces to mix from. Do you choose basics, because they're easiest to play around in? But then you'll want to mix in some of the stuff that makes your wardrobe fun, like a floral shirt, or a crazy print dress. (and why 34? I'm trying to figure out what number will make sense to me.)
Anyway I took a minute to look through my closet and I realised that 34 pieces is really quite a lot, more than enough for me to mix in BOTH basics and fun stuff. I also realised that a lot of my fun stuff are basics, and funnily enough, that never really struck me until I actually got to thinking about it.
If there's one potential reason why this experiment wouldn't work for me, it'll be because I am a complete impulse person when it comes to dressing. I will wear the same thing repeatedly because I love it, and because I am in the mood for it. So that time-saving trick of planning what you want to wear the next day to save time in the mornings NEVER works for me because 7 times out of 10, I change my mind.
Anyway, here are some things that's definitely (tentatively?) going onto the list of 34:


editor said…
wow, i'm flattered. you're absolutely right, 34 sounds dramatic but it reallys allows enough room for variety - that's what i found anyway.
it's a great experiment for all the reasons you listed, and you know i also really found it to be a helpful tool in evaluating my own taste. i had 2 t-shirts in my 34 and i hardly wore them. i will probably include one t-shirt in a perfectly small wardrobe but now i better understand the role it will play for me, and i will not buy more.
ooohmaureen said…
Nice things!!!!

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