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Apart from the fact that I haven't done anything particularly intelligent in weeks (and am hence waaay out of touch with current affairs), my job interview tomorrow is stressing me out in the sartorial sense - I really don't have anything very office-y to wear.

I poked around for my only pair of non-denim trousers, and realised that I sold them at a flea market last year. So smart. Now my only pair of non-denim trousers is a pair of black skinny pants. Borrowing from my sister isn't working out - she's a wee bit smaller, so her tailored stuff doesn't fit very well.

Still, I'm not planning to work in a bank, so I can afford to be a bit more adventurous in my style choices. In a newsroom, they're really not too fussed about what you wear.

I might wear this -

I've been longing for a high-waisted pencil skirt with suspenders since forever, and finally scored a nicely-made and cheap one at Bysi - only $49! But I don't want to look too 'sexy secretary' though. Lots of girls doing this look pair the skirt with a frilly blouse and teetering pumps, but that's too cartoon pin-up for me. I prefer a more graphic look.

I'm not ruling out my black skinny pants either, though this look might be a little too severe with my new shorn haircut. Actually, it's a bit Kate Moss-wannabe, with the now-ubiquitous waistcoat and all -

I think I will chicken out and wear something safe like this -

I don't want to look too fashion-y. The news reporters I know are not fashion-y. It makes me seem not serious (this could be a figment of my imagination). So this semi-formal outfit is the best I can muster - not too corporate drone, not too casual, not revealing. Plus, it's a hot day - anything trapeze-ish is a bonus.

And that, my friends, are the three most 'office' outfits I own. Thank goodness I only need to look remotely like this for interviews. Thank goodness journalism is mostly an anything goes sort of place when it comes to workplace dressing. I pity my friends going into PR, where they walk around in those tight pencil skirts and jackets and elaborate make-up and pumps. Whilst I saunter in with my old jeans and some frippery on top, no make-up and really odd shoes. Fun.


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