who needs kate moss when you've got this...

YES, Topshop starting putting up stuff on discounts today, so I skived off worked and made a detour into the shop to scoop this -

I'd been eyeing it for sometime, but it was $86 and I had just bought a bag for $119 a few weeks before so I decided to pay penance by NOT buying and waiting for the sale that I knew was just around the corner.

It's a UK 16, which is usually too big for me, but in the form of the knit dress, it's just nice really. I hate clingy knits, especially a clingy knit dress, so I liked the slight slouch of the dress when I put it on. I also looove the navy and white stripes (feels like very yacht-y, haha) and the length is good - long enough as a dress (you can't be too sure what's a dress and what's a top these days, with all the long tops going on), but it can also be gathered to make a long-ish sweater. Plus any one of my belts worn on the waist can change the feel of the dress instantly.

And it was just $43!

This goes in some way for making up for the fact that I blew $125 on the Doo.ri for Gap Design Editions shirt.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who bought one. Everyone else thinks I'm insane because no one here seems to know who Doori Chung is, and they also wonder what I need a shirt with a crazily long attached scarf. And why I paid so much money for it when I erm, complain about not having enough moolah for grand graduation trip.
Piss off, people. I love it that I can do all kinds of fun things with the scarf, and I am a sucker for any riffs on the classic white shirt, as opposed to just the classic white shirt. I have so far figured out five different ways of tying that scarf, and it puts a smile on my face - I love fashion that you can play with.

(Alas, am having some really bad rashes on legs and arms, and cannot photograph myself without frightening children.)

So that's one bargain and one not-bargain, and I've busted my no-more-than-$150 shopping budget. Better stay away from the shops now. Or lock my credit card and NETS at home.

Picture of Gap shirt from www.gap.com

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