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No no, it's not Kate Moss for Topshop - I cannot believe what an event it was; it was CNA for goodness sake - but The Row, by the Olsen twins and one Danielle Sherman. And one Tiffany Bensley.

Okay technically it's not your usual celebrity line. Actually, it's not much of anything. American Vogue did a feature last year, but's all been very hush-hush ever since. Apparently it was about very clever T-shirts and some kind of reference to Savile Row. It didn't seem like much.

Well fashionologie put up pictures from the look book, so I could judge from a little more than a plain white tank, but for all I know, I could be looking at The Gap. Seriously, it could be Giordano Ladies.

Simple clothes are tricky; you have to touch them, try them own, examine every seam yourself, because it's all fabric and technique. This is exactly what The Row's selling point is supposed to be, so I guess this means I can't make much of judgement based on pictures alone.

It's probably not fair to call it a celebrity line. But then would anyone look at it if the Olsens weren't the names behind it? (This is exactly how I feel about Thomas Wlyde and Paula Thomas.) Apart from the 'come again?' pricing (US$1700 for a cashmere tux jacket and $3,700 for lambskin coats according to WWD), and the mood lighting, it just feels really uninspired.

But then who's to say starting small (from a one-seam T-shirt) isn't a good thing? Maybe they'll be on to something and one day I'll have to eat my words. But now at least, it's a yawn.


Anonymous said…
dear writer,

are you swallowing your words? yikes! quite poor judgement.
this could be why you're not writing for vogue.


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