i want candy?

I'm not one for colour, but I don't think anyone could hate Christian Dior's latest resort collection -

(Okay maybe the purists, but generally, most of the stuff would put a smile of many women's faces.)

It's so...happy. Exuberant. Joyful. Almost tacky but who cares. I would quite willingly take a few tips from this collection and add a bit of cheer of my closet.

It makes me regret that I didn't buy this dress when it first hit stores around January this year -

I saw it at Zara and loved it, but I was going through a 'Do I really need another dress' phase and decided against it. Plus the cotton was kind of thin. It's not the same thing but basically, I'm in the mood for colour and energy, and the dress does it for me.

And now it's not stocked any more. Damn.

Pictures from www.style.com and www.zara.com


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