beautiful and dead or sloppy and alive?

Today I am lazing at home under the pretext of having a rather nasty cold. When I'm home alone, I generally sit around in oversized T-shirts left over from my school days, and running shorts. Quite different from these girls in this shoot by Sophie Delaporte -

Inspired by 'The Virgin Suicides' - easily one of my favourite books - it's a creepier take than Sofia Coppola's dreamy big screen version (not a fantastic movie on the whole, but the atmosphere and feel was spot on). Instead of the feminine chaos that most imagine a house full of girls would be like, it's cold, a bit disturbingly sterile, and it's kind of vivid and dead at the same time.

I just like how the romance of all the dresses have been blown straight out of them by this shoot. Everything looks beautiful and repressed - an intriguing combination.

I think I'll stick to my completely unpresentable but very comfortable and liberating ratty shorts and tee though.


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