a liking for lookalikes

I shouldn't be spending any money (a little late to say this, I blew something like $200++ in a matter of days last week), but a click on the Topshop webbie revealed a very tempting Marni look-alike that I really crave -

Okay it's not a stunning resemblance and the fit will be crucial, but that fact that it costs a good deal less will probably have me haunting the Topshop boutique with an eye out for this dress.

This blouse also looks nice and crisp and smart, kind of a cross between this Marni -

and this Bottega Veneta top -

It's the sort of thing I could live in in these hot, humid times - I would wear it with smart shorts, or skinny jeans (I refuse to let that one go), with a denim skirt (I've stopped wearing since I really got into shorts, but why let such a reliable staple go to waste?) or with my favourite black skinny capris. Bonus if I can belt it.

The downside is that I can't pull off too much volume on top - have man shoulders and can easily look like a hulking pregnant woman.

I also like this one -

I can't quite place it, but I know I've seen it somewhere before - maybe Miu Miu?. In any case, it's supposed to be an oversized tee, but these days, with leggings, long tops equate a dress.

The problem is that I always fall for stuff on the Topshop website that never actually show up on the selling floor here. It's possible that I missed it amidst all that clothing.

I do like the Topshop Boutique line because it always seems slightly better made than the rest of the stuff, and not as painfully trendy. I scored this wonderful bag last week -

It had that wonderful smell of new leather, and it's the exact colour of a Snickers bar (food hues always work on me). Plus the strap is longer than your usual shoulder strap (I hate bags that look squashed beneath my armpit). And I can unfold it to carry it like this -

Really, $119 is a bargain for two bags, hahaha. I just like that it's not a blatant rip-off of a designer bag (that I've seen anyway) and it's pretty simple and devoid of hardware, but it has plenty of character. And it's not too big, but big enough for me to lug around my nonsense - book, wallet, sweets, iPod, water.

So I've managed to fulfill my desire for a mid-sized bag, courtesy of Topshop, and let's hope that the rest of the stuff I'm eyeing doesn't turn out looking too shabby too.

Pictures from www.style.com, www.topshop.com, my own.


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