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I didn't even know Sophia Kokosalaki made sunglasses now, I guess everyone and their mothers are doing them, and it's cool actually, because suddenly there seems to be an awful lot more choice when it comes to finding those perfect shades -

Sunglasses never seemed like a huge part of Ms Kokosalaki's aesthetic but I guess she (or whoever suggested that she did) deserves points for broadening her range. I love the shape of the frames. It's just great that more brands are putting more effort into the design of sunglasses, as opposed to just making them in the same old shapes and chucking huge logos at the sides.

I still like the oversized thing, I think try as people might to get over the gigantic sunglasses thing, they were already too much of an icon to be written away as a passing fad (hello, lots of people still channel Jackie O as a fashion inspiration).

But now I want them oversized and fancy, sort of like doubling as cool headbands -

I work next door to this shop that sells these Leibers -

They've been catching my eye for some time, though at US$700, I'm not about to walk in and try them on any time soon, so petrified I am to dropping them and breaking them and having to pay for them. They're sparkly and shiny and just bordering on gaudy but that's the great part.

Offbeat shapes are also good. I like classic aviators but the Armani ones below are like great punchlines to a cool outfit -

It's too bad I wear glasses all the time. But you know, sooner or later I'm going to crack and start wearing contacts just to wear these very cool sunnies.

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