why all the hate?

I've been meaning to do a post about this, but I never got around to it because was distracted by a few itty bitty things like work and school. So anyway, the question that's been running through my mind is, "Why does everyone hate the Alexander McQueen show?"

I mean, it's not the best of the season, and there were weak moments (like, why spoil things with those boring red-carpet dresses?), but I love the strong sense of drama that came through. The looks were moody, refined, and edgy, and occasionally a little scary, which is exactly what I love from Mr McQueen.

I like the neat, pod-like silhouettes, which I guess echoes that whole Mod, futuristic thing everyone's been into, but there's a tough feel to what Mr McQueen is doing. It's feels less trendy somehow and more like part of an original vision.

Some of the looks will work in real-life too, like this awesome hoodie -

It's extraordinary but not ridiculous and it's got a very urban vibe, which is interesting considering the historical reference of the show (medieval witchhunts). I've always maintained that looking back doesn't work if it's not put into the context of today. There's nothing I like less than an ode to yesterday, no matter how beautifully done.

This is the most interesting McQueen show I've seen in ages; hopefully he wows again for spring.

Pictures from www.style.com


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