j'adore dior? maybe not

I spent a bit of time wondering why I didn't like the Christian Dior collection more, and finally decided that it was because gorgeous as it was, it was too much of a costume drama for me -

Considering that I rather liked the couture show that this collection has been said to be based on, it's really rather curious why I feel pretty unmoved by all this. And John Galliano did do a pretty lovely job with all those luscious gowns and the tailoring looked pretty slick too.

I suppose it's because to be honest, those suits wouldn't function very well in real life, even when taken apart, and the rest of the collection was really just pretty cocktail dresses that looked just a little too prom and retro.

I hate anything costume-y, and much as I appreciate Mr Galliano's flight of fancy when most people are trying to go wearable, the collection just didn't really speak to me or even inspire me to dress in a new way. Valentino showed a similar classic glamour (his usual) and while it didn't have the same avant garde gestures, it conveyed an air of genuine glamour rather than a technicolour parody.

I wish John Galliano could find his way back from this whole parody thing he's trapped in and back into the days where he could make a bias cut look edgy and found his inspiration from BOTH the street and classic Hollywood.

Right now, he's stuck in Hollywoodland and going nowhere.

Pictures from www.style.com


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