time to gush...

I could spend some time going on about how much I like Bruce Weber (I do! He shoots my fantasies of the good, carefree life, usually in the outdoors), and maybe a bit about how John Lennon-and-Yoko Ono this shoot looks, but lets skip to the important part - Jack Huston (the guy in this spread) is hot.

And no, I haven't watched "Babel" (that it's been compared to "Crash" turned me off a bit, because that was such a tedious movie), but I kind of think Rinko Kikuchi is cool because she cuts quite a dash in Chanel -

She's like those cool French actresses who wear Chanel like second skin (Anna Mouglalis; Amira Cesar) - she can pull it off, plain and simple. And she's lovely in this shoot - it's pure joy she's exuding.

But anyway, back to Jack Huston. I haven't caught any of his movies yet, but I remember seeing him in trailers of "Outlander", and thinking, who is this guy? Which I think says something about screen presence.

This guy's obviously got pedigree - part of the Huston acting clan, apparently dating Helena Christensen, and getting a Bruce Weber spread even though he's relatively unknown.

He doesn't seem particularly expressive here (hopefully that's not indication of his acting abilities), but he's got that smouldering thing going for him, and for someone who could so easy be called a pretty boy, he makes it up for looking pretty intense. And looking intense can get you very far. It makes for wooden acting. Just ask Wentworth Miller.

Okay I have pretty run out of things to say about an actor whom I've never watch act, and who made an impression on me in a 30-second trailer because he's, you know, hot. But then the last time I fell hard for a total unknown (to me anyway) was Clive Owen in "Gosford Park", and he's doing pretty well.

Given my flawless taste (I also clocked Jake Gyllenhaal in "October Sky"), maybe I could be an agent.

Pictures from http://community.livejournal.com/foto_decadent/1499615.html#cutid1


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