sweet, tough, love

Those were the words that echoed through my head when I spotted these boots at the Louis Vuitton fall show -

The problem here is choosing. These shoes have just enough weight without looking like they're conspiring to bring you toppling down when you run for that bus (if you take buses. Or trains.). Also like the combinations of skins so it doesn't get too boring down there.

I also like the pumps -

It's probably the first pair of pumps I'm taking an interest in since my mind got hijacked by all the gorgeous platform pumps when they first started taking over the shoe landscape. Being confronted with a shoe that doesn't look dangerous feels decidedly comforting.

I'm not a heels person (don't like the feeling of pitching foward), but these do ring my bells loudly. It has an appealing awkward shape and I like the not-quite-classic textures and colours. These, and these Marc Jacobs -

- would be my choice of heels for the season. But you know, to keep it interesting on the platform front, Lanvin is still making a pretty persuasive argument for them with these -

It's a Mary Jane pump and I am a sucker for those, but it's minus the little-girl factor with that kick-ass pointy toe and that irresistible strip of metallic pink piping rimming the shoe. And it's patent leather. Tell me if they don't look fierce.

On the baggies front, I find myself still gravitating towards loose, sack-like things -

I really like this Christian Lacroix bag - lots of points for the mix of beads and textures (I am into mixing textures a big way when it comes to bags) - and no matter how I try, I just can't fit my life into a small bag. I want something medium-sized but substantial, and preferably anonymous-looking, and it just seems so hard to find one.

This Marc Jacobs could do it -

But not in ostrich please, I hate ostrich. And to round off my bag needs for the season (for now anyway), I want an oversized clutch. A loose floppy one (but with some shape) big enough to toss a laptop in, like these ones from Marc Jacobs, which I'd already blogged about earlier -

Cutely enough, the only bag to really catch my fancy all through Paris fashion week was this classic Hermes Kelly -

I might fancy it just a wee bit bigger, but it's perfection all the same. I've always like the strictness of the Kelly and it's softens up in a surprising way when you change the materials and colours - it isn't necessarily just Grace Kelly chic.

Not a very bag-heavy season, which will probably explain why I am gravitating towards a classic. But I've been reaching a bag saturation point lately and have stopped wanting new ones, and maybe designers are getting tired of pushing them out too.

I hope they don't give up though. I am so much more a bag girl than a shoe or even clothes girl, so woe betide the day bags fall off the radar of importance for designers.

Pictures from www.style.com


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