thank you, ms kawakubo

Let me first state for the record that Commes des Garcons is not a label I pay particular attention to. It's a little too tiring for me deconstruct the message, to root out the wearable piece amidst the statements, to you know, comprehend.

Not that I don't admire (from a distance) the overall look, and from what I gather from what I read about her, what Rei Kawakubo is trying to accomplish through fashion. Just that generally speaking, I consume mainstream fashion.

But the latest from Comme has me sitting up and clapping. Nope I don't plan to wear any of it or anything remotely like it. But this time I got the message loud and clear, and I like it. Finally we have a designer criticising the ridiculous-ness of the infantile look that has dominated fashion since last fall.

Don't get me wrong - I love a pinafore (but not in a mini), I like the trapeze, and I like a crisp schoolgirl blouse and coat. But I hate babydolls, giant bows that aren't by Lacroix, and knee socks on anyone over age 10 (though if it's part of your school uniform, I understand).

But infantile is infantile, and Ms Kawakubo did a great skewering of this look, right down to the Minnie Mouse ears seen on some of the models -

Coco Chanel demonstrated that a schoolgirl blouse can look chic and mature and not at all Lolita-ish. So can we do away with the vaguely pornographic little-girl thing, pretty please?

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