ooh, let's try that on...

There are some designers/labels/stores/whatever that can only be described as immensely shoppable, and Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of them.

By shoppable I mean that wandering into the shop at any given time, you're bound to spot stuff that you not only admire, but want to try on.

And that's a big deal isn't it? It means that the designer has actually created something a person thinks would look good on her average, normal-person body, and not simply a good look. It's a look that speaks to people.

Some would translate this as "commercial," and I suppose it is technically correct, but as much as I love people who push fashion forward and find ways to express their unfettered imagination, there's just as much genius in figuring out what women want.

So anyway, on with the Marc show -

Certainly nothing groundbreaking here, but lots of cute dresses and coats and bags that you'll be carting to the fitting room to try on.

I would say the same thing about Zero Maria Cornejo -

3.1 Phillip Lim (actually I would say this of a lot of the New York shows)-

and Burberry Prorsum -

These designers don't exactly set directions and have their clothes featured a lot in fashion editorials, but it's stuff that people want to put on themselves.

In other words, it makes shopping fun. Woot!

Pictures from www.style.com


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