carolina herrera on edge? (and a very grey fashion week)

I NEVER thought the word "edgy" could ever be used to describe any Carolina Herrera look, but yes, the following looks do contain an element edge of cool that was postively edgy compared to the rest of the looks on the runway. (Although on the whole, the show did depart from the usual "I am rich and elegant and I have a beautiful duplex" vibe.)

Ms Herrera MUST have hired a new stylist. Or she suddenly acquired the see ability to see the world through younger eyes. Either way, it's a sign of an open mind. It's a nice try.

I actually really like the grey dress, and very much covet its strict and school headmistress vibe (hate the crystal-embroidered leggings).

Actually, this season, I find myself gravitating towards all kinds of grey dresses, which I have been doing for sometime, and need to stop before it becomes too much of a good thing.

I like the 70s' feel of this one from Adam + Eve -

This Yigal Azrouel is decidedly cool -

Mr Azrouel also can do something sharper -

Something relaxed from Rag & Bone -

Grey constituted Maria Cornejo's entire colour scheme for her collectiom, which was fine really, since she did conjure up a few of the lovely fog dresses I'm swooning over this week -

As well as some other great looks -

Zero Maria Cornejo is one of many many labels you never read about in the fashion press, but you'd probably buy if you saw it and tried it on. I know I would.

In fact, grey constituted the entire colour scheme for a whole lot of designers, including Yigal Azrouel, most of DKNY, much of Sari Gueron, significantly at Rag & Bone, and everywhere else. Well I must say that it was nice to be find myself smiling at a sea of looks in my favourite colour after navy, it was a wee bit repetitive. Some designers did it better than others, and the best were designers that remembered to mix it up a bit by adding a shot of colour (at Marc Jacobs, DKNY) or interesting prints (Zero Maria Cornejo).
But nice job people. As one who prefers to wear an understated look (while admiring glitzier or whackier ones), the fall collections provided plenty of ideas for wearing basics in a new way.
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