oh come on....

I've been very skeptical of Rachel Roy as a designer ever since she started calling herself one, and considered an act of poor taste by Vogue when she was featured in the "Life with Andre" section, because you know, what precisely did she design?

Granted, she does show up every now and then wearing something quite chic (in your standard Upper East Side way) that she designed herself, so I suppose she is using her time profitably. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't have spared a moment of thought on her if not for this -

Nice dress no? Familiar, no? Rather like this, wouldn't you say?

This is from Bottega Veneta's spring collection. The first dress is from Ms Roy's fall presentation this week.

I know it's inevitable for similar looks to show up on runways, and even normal for one designer to take inspiration from previous winning looks (even Marc Jacobs paid tribute to Stefano Pilati's grey tunic for YSL from last fall), but this dress was redone with minimal modification, and there was nothing tribute-ish about the dress or the show. Does this mean Ms Roy is planning to be the sort of designer that simply makes clothes, rather than have any personal message of her own?

If so, all the attention she's getting is seriously unjustified.

Pictures from www.nytimes.com; www.style.com


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