clutches are going to be big...

The bag obsessive in me clocked some nice offerings from Marc Jacobs from his latest fall show - far more low-key and more practical than the crystal-encrusted creations he showed for spring, but hardly boring -

Okay maybe just a tad repetitive, but it's amazing how much lust can be inspired by multiplying one good idea into several offbeat colours.
He also showed some out-sized clutches - somewhat reminiscent of the ones Prada did for spring - I supposed he had to blow some up now that he scaled down the handbags (where were the totes, come to think of it?) -

I saw nice hats like this one -

And great boots as usual, more of the buttoned military-inspired stuff he's been doing for ages. Nice Oxford-pumps too, I surprised myself liking them considering the horror it inspired in me when I saw it at Jil Sander last fall.

Looks like a hit, Mr Jacobs (the clothes were fab as well).

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