ooh did you see the coat on that guy?

The Narciso Rodriguez show stood out for a few things. One was this billowing, part-Matrix, part-White Witch coat -

The other was this emerald-green, elegant take on the sporty trend -

And the really cool guys' stuff (the rest of the girls' stuff was...negligible). I don't usually give a fig about menswear, but I was thoroughly distracted by the repertoire of very chic, very cool, looks Mr Rodriguez did for men.

This is how I like my men to dress - like they care, for one. With a sharpness to it all. Absolutely nothing baggy. Nothing too tight either. With the confidence to try a quirkly print or two.

A little dishevelment would nice - someone who really dressed like this might make my unbearably self-conscious about my scruffiness. But I love it. I wish I knew guy, really personally knew a guy, who dressed this well. Or at least, could appreciate it.

Pictures from www.style.com


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