a blip on the radar

Two days into New York fashion week, and I've already spotted a look I desperately want -

The perfect above-the-knee-but-not-micro skirt, less narrow than a pencil, not as stiff as an A-line, hopefully more flattering than a tulip, no bubble hem please. Pockets, like this one from Alexander Wang (a rather uneven showing, in my opinion, veering from "excellent" to "hmmm..."), would be nice.

It's just sooooo hard to find a skirt like that. It first made its presence known to me in the YSL fall show last year -

And now this season it's slyly revealing itself to me, showing up amidst all the trapeze dresses everyone is doing to remind me why separates (apart from jeans) matter too.

Bruce (hi Bruce!) did it to perfection -

And Ruffian showed a slick leather version that perfectly uptown and edgy at the same time -

I know a three shows do not make a trend, and this really is too unshowy an item to become a runaway trend, but I would really love a skirt like to become ubiquitous. So that I could buy one. I mean, why not? It's so much less annoying than the damned gypsy skirt still haunting pasar malams.

Pictures from www.style.com


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