adventures of a CNY shopper

So I went shopping today (after a hard day's work, mind you), and saw a few things that intrigued me, though as I am saving for a 6-week jaunt to Eastern Europe after graduation , I didn't buy anything, preferring to think through it carefully before committing to a purchase. (Okay I didn't mean to sound like I'm buying something major like a car or a house here, but you know what I mean.)

Dresses, as we have been told ad nauseam, is the must-buy of the season, and the shops were full of them, especially Topshop, which has gone for the smock in a big way, making vaguely PJ-ish looking printed numbers in every print and colour imaginable -

Now I liked the smock, but it's one of those things that you only need one of. I bought one during the sales in December, and the urge to own one has gone out of me.

I found myself checking out separates instead. I fell hard for this blouse from Mango -

Great shape and fabric, and quite a good buy at $60. I hesitated about the colour though - eggplant purple is rather bold for me. I don't know if I can handle such a conspicuous shade. But it is a unique colour and very nicely done here, not too lurid. And supremely comfortable. Worth a thought.

I also liked this skirt at Topshop -

The tulip shape is hard to pull off when your arse is just a tad disproportionately wide, as mine is, but this one was very nice, and came with pockets, which always works on tempting me ("It comes with pockets!" is perfectly acceptable as the singular reason for buying anything). Also like chalky hue. But the woolly, tweed-ish fabric is rather heavy for Singapore.

I shouldn't really buy another dress, but this one at Mango got me -

I like the way it kind of resembles the loose shapes shown at Marni, and I also like the grey jersey, and at $55, it should be a no-brainer of a buy. I would have bought it - but I got some Mango vouchers for my birthday, and I forgot to bring them. In the meantime, I will think hard about whether I need yet another grey dress.

I also saw a pair of nice loose white linen shorts at Pull and Bear, ending just above the knee. They look really comfy and slouchy, and might just be the perfect pair of white knee shorts I've been hunting for the past 2 years. Have to try them on to be sure though.

What I really crave is a navy bag - a break from my repertoire of brown bags in varying hues and skins. This one from TSE by Tess Giberson is verrrrrrrrrry nice -

But I want a mid-sized bag. I usually carry a large bag because I lug all kinds of crap around, but there are times when my wallet and iPod are tumbling forlornly around in my cavernous totes. I saw one rather decent one that fit the bill at Topshop, but $119 is ridiculous.

I'm quite impressed by how I'm carefully thinking about all this. I've come to become comfortable with my rule of buying only things that I really really love, and I think it pays off - the things I've bought in recent months have been worn over and over again, as opposed to the novelty buys that merely occupy space in my wardrobe after I tire of them.

So let's see how I feel about all these next week. I might buy them, and then I might not.

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