uniform for 9 to 5

Whenever I look at one of Prêt á Porter P's outfit posts, I admire how they're not just outfit posts, because they're accompanied by a thoughtful visual summary of what inspired the outfit. It makes me think a little harder about what I wear, what I buy, what I enjoy, and why.

So this morning, as I got dressed for work, I made a conscious effort to think harder, and I decided my work uniform is primarily inspired by images like these -

It has to be smart and pulled together, but still relaxed. I like things simple and uniform-like, and my favourite part about my present job is that because I'm in the office all the time, I finally get to break out the jackets (too hot in Singapore, and in my previous job, I was out and about a lot).

This morning, I dug out a four-year-old jacket I've worn a grand total of four times (including today). I bought it as a student and hardly wore it, but never threw it out because I thought I would grow into it.

And my actual outfit today, more or less what I wear every day for work. Shirts, trousers, jacket. A dress thrown in when I get bored.

Pictures for collage from Peter Lindbergh for Harper's Bazaar 1993; Jak and Jil; Style.com; Garance Doré; Margaret Howell


I like your collage. I love juxtapositions: masculine/feminine, slouchy/tailoring, modern/classic.
Relaxed tailoring is something you do so well. It's especially good for tropical climates. That jacket definitely needs to see more than a once a year wearing. Your trousers here are pretty much what I'm looking for.

I really enjoy reading your posts, so it means a lot that you like what I do. I started PPP to try to share the inspirations rolling in my mind when I got dressed. Thank you :)
lin said…
all the mutual admiration is making me blush :)

to think i wasn't that keen on theses trousers when i got them...

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