countdown to the philippines: 6 days left

There's nothing really special about #10 on the packing list here, except that it's on the list at all. I'm bringing them because on the day I land back from my trip, I have to, aaargh, work. And I don't want to wear denim shorts to work. With colleagues I don't socialise with outside of work, it feels strange to me to be seen in something super casual. It's like you've given away something about yourself, even though I wasn't hiding anything to begin with.

Finally, just one week to go. This whole countdown is helping me feel like the trip is tangibly drawing closer.

Anyway, I interrupt regular programming to include a shot of myself in my favourite shirt, because some outfits just make me feel inclined that way -

Specifically, apart from the fit, it's this detail that makes me like this shirt so much.


Ammu said…
Lovely shirt! Uniqlo?
Contrasting cuff, well done.
lin said…
Ammu: Massimo Dutti. I know, I sound like a broken record. Uniqlo shirts, incidentally, are a little too narrow for me, and sometimes too short.

Pret: Thank you!

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