equestrian charm

I've been quite drawn to these images of Charlotte Casiraghi in her riding gear (courtesy of Gucci of late), namely how they marry crisp tailoring and sporty ease so chicly. Of course, this is helped by how well Ms Casiraghi wears them.
I've always thought she and Gwyneth Paltrow looked their best when they channelled a CBK vibe, but then it's silly and futile to wish a style on someone else.
I shall be creepy and stalker-ish and post more pictures of Ms Casiraghi looking quite inspiring -

Pictures from tfs here, here and here


Beautiful riding jacket. I kick myself for delaying buying a stunning navy Black Fleece riding jacket. I used to like the equestrian look, but I live somewhere very equestrian, so I leave that look for the horse people. Though she looks very neat, usually the people I see have a good smudge of dirt across their rear end. lol!
lin said…
Hahaha, a mark of distinction to separate them from the poseurs.

I love the Edwardian quality of a riding jacket.

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