things you can accomplish in a single lunch hour

- clean up a writing assignment and send it off

- run out in time for your eyebrows threading appointment

- run to a drugstore to buy necessities kept in office (tissues etc)

- pop into Topshop and find this on sale:

- think for five minutes and decide 50% off is a sign

- buy it

- buy lunch

- get back to office and eat lunch

Plus random thought: this article by Cathy Horyn in NYT shows why she's such a good journalist; she has a knack for drawing out the nuances of her subject and laying it out so coherently.


Ammu said…
Welcome back! Your holiday sounds amazing. And I love this dress.
Oh cool! I liked that dress when you posted it before!
lin said…
Ammu: Thanks, feels good to be back, even though I loved being away.

Prêt á Porter P: I was so surprised to find it on sale even before I decided whether to buy it. I suppose it was the kicker in my decision-making...

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