countdown to the philippines: 7 days left

I love jeans, but I didn't own a pair of denim shorts until last year, when I saw them on everyone and thought. "hey, that's a a good look!". Sometimes. Finding a pair that fitted well took a while, and these Uniqlos were the best. I felt very trendy when I bought them but this is one of those trends that don't really date, I think.

My favourite part about them is that they wear dirt well, so they can become incredibly grubby without looking grubby. Which makes it perfect for this trip. Hence it joins the list as #8.

And here is its frequent companion, #9 on the list -

Please ignore the loose thread, and the strange pink-ish hue of the photo (I have not mastered my white balance and colour adjustments). The belt is from Muji. Uniqlo and Muji are two of the best places for excellent basics.


Ammu said…
Agreed! Especially Uniqlo - it's my favorite high st store.

Next time I am in Singapore (my mom lives there) can we please go shopping? I love your eye!
lin said…
Sure, I'm always happy to shop, haha. I doubt the variety of shops here is as broad as it is in the UK though.

Such a small world that your motehr lives here!
Ammu said…
Yup - I actually lived there from 96 to 98 - went to UWC. Now I tend to go back every few years - last time was in 2008. Hopefully a visit is on the cards this year!

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