i've got sunshine/on a cloudy day

It was still dark when I stepped out of the house today so I had no way of knowing that my skirt was in fact, the colour of sunshine on an actual cloudy day. This is my mother's skirt. My sister exclaimed "happy skirt!" when she saw me. Colour of any kind is an event when I wear one.

I borrowed it because I've been wanting to wear something that reminded me of my trip here. And it reminds me of trips yet taken. And walking past windows filled with brightly-coloured, hippie-type summer things that makes me think what is this beach party I haven't been invited to made me want to wear colour my way.

And what's the use of all that neutral stuff in my closet if I don't make use of its versatility and throw it together with something vibrant once in a while?

Clockwise from above: The Sartorialist, Harper's Bazaar; Dries Van Noten SS '10; Toast SS '10 catalogue; same

Pictures from the sartorialist, dustjacket attic, style.com, toast


enc said…
That's beautiful . . . and more color than I've ever seen you wear! Fantastic!
fabulous skirt!
Nazima said…
hello, I will be going to singapore this 5, 6 & 7june. can u tell me where can i find beautiful scene to take photogrph there?
lin said…
enc: Thanks! I might have surprised myself with that one too.

Pret a Porter P: I agree!

Nazima: It depends on what kind of pictures you want to take. There are nice parks and gardens like The Botanic Gardens, and also Macritchie Reservoir.

From the Esplanade theatre, you get a great nightscape of the city all lit up.

If you are looking for something more quaint, Little India and Chinatown, and Little India also has great restaurants and shops. Ann Siang Hill is better for fashion if you are shopping, and the cafes and shophouses in the area also make for interesting photography. It's not far from Chinatown.

Other than that, Singapore is a lot like downtown KL, hahaha.

Have fun!

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