countdown to the philippines: 8 days left

I bought my first linen knit item about two years ago, and I can never get over how ingenious they are for the humid weather here. Soft enough to feel cozy, crisp enough to feel light on the skin. So yep, this is #7 on the packing list.

My beach wardrobe, my sister observed, is very different from what people sell as summer clothing; there's a conspicuous lack of colour. People have told me when they travel, they sometimes and wear things they don't normally wear, like sneakers, backpacks, cross-body bags, bermudas, etc.

I don't understand this. Unless I'm doing something that calls for incredibly specific clothing - mountain climbing, various treks - it never occurs to me to adapt my style, so long as it's appropriate for the occasion at hand.

So yep, I turned down my sister's offer of a pretty but rather un-me purple and chartreuse long dress, beach-y as it is.


Ammu said…
Lovely - where is that knit from? I love linen and cotton in the summer - my Aubin and Wills linen tee is one of my favorite items - a basic that's distinguished by how gorgeous the material is.
lin said…
"a basic that's distinguished by how gorgeous the material is" - that's exactly how I like to feel about my basics.

The top is from Massimo Dutti. I'm been buying their long-sleeve tees, t-shirts, and tanks for a while, the material is always lovely and it's affordable.
Ammu said…
I think most of my clothes fall into that gorgeous basics category - I wear them all the time, so why not make sure they are beautiful!

Will have to pop into Massimo Dutti soon - never been and your trove has convinced me I need to.

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