what i loved. actually, what i love.

As I put up a post on my outfit today, I thought about why I continue to do these outfit posts, and also, why I started doing them at all.

It began as some kind of a visual record of how I dress - I wanted to see if there was any discerning pattern to what I choose to wear, which items I liked most, what style/silhouette I was inclined to. Through all that, I had the vague idea that I would be able to better organise my wardrobe by paring out what I wore the least, and buy better knowing what I liked and needed and would most likely wear.

Part of it may be a vanity thing, I think how I dress rocks, therefore I want to display it somewhere, even though mine is hardly a blog read by many, so I'm not convinced I did it for this particular reason.

It's also possible that since so many bloggers do so and I read many of these blogs, so I felt influenced to join in the fun. This is the lemming side of me. But my blog is not an outfit blog. I don't know what my blog is about, but I know it's not about outfits.

So, rambling on, why do I do outfit posts?

I used to do them more religiously, I would take a picture of my outfit almost everyday and put them up, no matter if it was a repeat outfit, or whether it was really nothing special or even something I liked all that much, it was a record in the scientific sense, because I was hoping to spot a pattern.

Well I think I did, and now I post whenever I put on a combination that really clicked for me and one I would like to repeat, and I think putting up is inspiration to myself (and not to others) that within my own closet, there are plenty of outfits and things perfect for me, and it makes me more mindful when shopping, and when getting dressed.

It's like a virtual Post-It of my favourite outfits and a reminder to wear them more often. Because the human mind, especially a disorganised and lax one like mind, forgets, even when it's a good thing.

(Those shoes are a good thing by the way. I can't get enough of them.)


itztru said…
Love the shoes? What's the label?
Ammu said…
Love the shoes. I think the simplicity of your aesthetic is definitely inspiring. I know that my favourite blogs have been much more influential in making me mindful when I shop than fashion magazines have. Keep on with the "what I love" posts please!
fashionaddict said…
itztru: they're from spanish label called uterqüe. http://www.uterque.es/

ammu: thanks for the vote of confidence. do you keep a blog as well?
Ammu said…
I don't, but I love reading them!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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