the heart quickens

This is a moment of sheer desire, a 'want' completely overriding reason, prudence, good sense, rationality, practicality, thrift, discipline, whatever. This is too bloody cute, and dangerously affordable. It is an upscale version of my little white cross-body purse which has served me so well, and is now in danger of being recklessly supplanted by this luxurious tempter. I spotted it in a window display and now find myself unable to get it out of my head. RESIST. Those in a career crisis and fighting temptation to stomp out of the office everyday have no business shopping for luxury treats.

Image from loewe


enc said…
It's adorable!
Victoria said…
Beautiful bag, I love bags that can be worn across the body. Great price too!

Career wise you sound right about where I was this time last year so I feel your pain.
fashionaddict said…
it is adorable; pity it's really a smidgen too small to be perfect. practicality still rules!

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