early influence

Magazine: British Vogue May 1997
Photographer: Mario Testino
Model: Linda Evangelista
I was so thrilled to stumble upon these scans of an editorial in British Vogue that later came to cast such a strong spell of influence on how I like to dress.
In 1997, I was 13, and picked up my first copy of British Vogue in a friend's home. I liked the simple, clean fashion, the sheer joy and freshness and exuberance of the images, the sense of adventure. I coveted that natural, spontaneous, casual chic. I wanted to travel to faraway, strange places and look elegant and effortless the way Linda Evangelista did. (Oh, there's no one quite like Linda.)
Even now, this pictures still look fresh and modern to me. They are timeless in spirit. (And I would buy that button neck sweater in the fourth picture, no question.)
Images taken from levangelista.net


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