Two things. First of all, hello to Trove, a week-old or so shop at the Esplanade, stocking past season Built by Wendy, Minimarket, Karen Walker, Chloe sunglasses, and yesss, Lover from Australia (more about that later) - at awesomely discounted prices.

I am happy buying clothes at the likes of Zara, Massimo Dutti, given my income bracket and the quality that can be found if one is judicious, but life does get boring and the lack of or tiny selection of smaller independent labels in Singapore make shopping limited to franchises, which sometimes can be dispiriting.

If stores do carry labels like A.P.C or Filippa K or Surface to Air, they are marked up, the selection is small, and the attitude at the small multi-label boutiques is even bigger than the considerable price tags.

Trove carries labels that I like and at a price point I can afford, and woo hoo, one of the partners running the place I met is friendly, enthusiastic about her wares, refreshing snobbery-free. And the owners appear to have carefully curated their wares even though the stock is past season and from a range of labels. There's a sense of cohesion and a defined aesthetic, and nothing is trendy or dated.

It feels good to shop somewhere where you feel the personal touch. And at a price accessible to me!

So naturally, I bought something.

Chinese New Year is around the corner (February) and one always gets at least one new item of clothing to ring in the new year, and scoring something early means avoiding to the shopping crush come January.

Hello to my new white tuxedo shirtdress, from Lover, a label I've long liked for their feminine, easy pieces, but never had a chance to actually see and touch and try on, because I have no idea where in Singapore they might be stocked, if at all.

White shirtdresses are a bitch - they are often too sheer, or too lacking in shape, or too structured, or too stiff, or too short, or they make me look like a playing card. This one is, needless to say, was the perfect fit and make. Its original retail price is approximately S$420; I bought it for $170. It's going to make a great shirt and dress, which makes this, to me, a steal.

Anyway, here is a shot of the dress on the Lover website, it's from their fall 2008 collection.

I was very keen on the swimwear as well, but didn't have the time to try. Won't be long before I make a return trip, I think.

Image of dress from lover


Ammu said…
Sounds like a successful day! Look forward to seeing you wear it.
-h said…
it looks beautiful.

thank you for your comment about the suit. really it means a lot that you say that i wear it in a modern way, because i dont like when things look like costume. also maybe i should take post pictures of the inside of the suit, it is beautiful. there's even multiple pockets built into the lining.
Anonymous said…
Hey there!!!
thanks for the glowing review :)
we've added your post on our facebook page...Do join us and we hope to see ya soon! :)

Victoria from Trove
Victoria said…
What a fantastic buy, seems like this will be very versatile. I'm quite envious, I wish I had a similar store where I live...I'm starting to miss the personal touch that's lacking from buying online. Victoria.
fashionaddict said…
ammu: yep, too bad chinese new year is in february, boo.

-h: yes, the suit, deserves a thorough post. certainly it'll educational for me!

victoria from trove: just telling it like it was :) look forward to going back!

victoria: i do hope you discover a store like that too. but online shopping is the next best thing, access-wise
Anonymous said…
Thanks !! see ya soon :)
We'll be having new arrivals from Lulu Cheung (HK) and Beayukmui (Italy) next week, so drop by :)
Victoria from Trove

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