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10 things my wardrobe can't do without (I'm quite please that they add up to ten, which sounds nice) -

1) Ballet flats
I like the way they hark back to my six years of ballet lessons as a child, I like the understated polish they lend to a look, I like their simplicity, I like their versatility. They simplify the process of picking out a pair of shoes when I leave the house in the morning because I know they will be comfortable and just right.

2) T-shirts

There maybe slight variations on the theme, but generally I like them a very soft, slouchy, long in the body (but not tunic length). I like them in white, grey and stripes. Sometimes I go for a boxier cut, sometimes I buy them in a superfine knit. A T-shirt represents for me fuss-free style, something I could wear everyday, which might bore people, but then I don't dress to entertain, and in any case they are classic and timeless.

3) Jeans

I'll let the late Yves Saint Laurent say it for me.
"I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes."
(The above three make my uniform.)

4) Cardigans
Nothing like a cardigan to cozy up in when I need a cozy moment. They add a touch of softness to an outfit and I find them very practical for my climate. I can strip it off and it rolls up small into my bag when I'm walking on the streets, and pull it on when I'm freezing in the air-conditioning. I might appreciate jackets more if I lived in colder weather, but cardigans rule for their practicality and their slouchy, relaxed feel.

5) Shorts
It's about weather (it's hot here, did I mention that), it's about vanity (my legs are one of my better features) and it's just way more practical than a mini skirt (frankly I'm not much of a skirts girl). They suit my tomboy side, my need to take big strides and climb stairs two at a time.

6) Flip flops
Practicality and comfort. Plus my burning need to dress things down. I hate looking "fussy" and flip flops are an instant answer to toning things down a notch.

7) Chucks
Design that stands the test of time, plus imminently practical and versatile, and perennially available. I consider them a "perfected" item that needs no further fine-tuning.

8) White, navy, grey
I NEVER get sick of these colours. NEVER. In fact, I own very little outside of this palette. White because it always refreshes my eye and energises me. Navy because it's beautifully rich and austere at the same time. Grey because I love it in all hues from misty to charcoal; it's soft, subtle and somehow ephemeral.

9) A bag

I'm not quite fixed on what one type of bags I like - I like them all. But they must be practical. This one has been quite a long-lasting affair and I expect to carry this into my twilight years.

10) Stripes

I have flirtations with all kinds of things, dresses, blouses, skirts, but the things I listed above don't change. Everything else I buy is a concession for the need for experimentation, change, a passing phase, and practical concerns (like work and weather).


-h said…
i like the pink python of the flats. delicate and pretty
fashionaddict said…
Thanks! The only pink thing I own :)

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