i heart zara. for now.

I love this shot from Zara's fall/winter campaign (photographed by David Sims), the styling is my ideal mix of romance, edge, and simplicity. It speaks to my adventurous side, with the thigh-high boots and leather. Yes, Zara is a knock-off of luxury brands, but I love that for once, a label those in my income bracket can afford actually projects an aesthetic I can identify with, and want.
The sad part is when this isn't what's trendy anymore, Zara will likely move on to whatever is the look of the moment and when I need to replace that perfect silk shirt or tapered black trousers, my sources would have tried up. Unlike a designer label, where a designer is likely to carry their staples every season, brands like Zara don't have signatures that one can count on (unless you count REALLY generic staples, like ribbed cotton tanks). Even a basic white tee changes every season in terms of fit, length, fabric. I was miserable when cropped tops and super-low rise jeans were in - I had nothing to buy, and it was the time when I started university and bid goodbye to the school uniform and really needed clothes.
So this is why I tend to double-buy things if I love them. At the mass-market end of the spectrum, it feels like everything is transcient. While stocks last!
That said, I have to say in terms of style, Zara has been my favourite for several seasons now - for interpreting what's on the runways into wearable items that have flair without being fashion victim-y.
Image from zara.com


Gold Sphere said…
I love this particular shot as well, it's very close t my personal style.
Ooh, I wish there was a Zara near me right now.
-h said…
i think zara always does great suits & jackets especially.

i like the outfit featured, i liked the overall styling of their ad campaign this season. very emmanuelle & geraldine

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