will and grace

I was reading this interview with Grace Coddington, the creative director of US Vogue who has come into the spotlight because of 'The September Issue'. Ms Coddington, together with Tonne Goodman and Anna Wintour have defined the US Vogue as we know it, so it was interesting to read the interview,where she came across as plain-spoken, passionate and humorous. Inevitably, you compare her with her more famous but infinitely more guarded boss.

The interview also revealed more about the dynamics of working at Vogue and what the documentary doesn't capture, and in Ms Coddington's voice, you can hear her obvious love for her work and the respect she has for the people she works with.

Here is one precursor to all those jumping editorials the magazine is increasing using to the point of tedium and parody. But this set has stayed with me because of the obvious personality of its models, the timeless-ness of the fashion, and its sense of joy and energy - something I have only recently come to think of as a hallmake of Ms Coddington's work.

Magazine: US Vogue August 2000
Photographer: Arthur Elgort
Images from tfs


-h said…
do love a black suit

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