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It's been a strange week. Not hectic, but still draining, with steep highs and lows in mood.

Lows - Completing tasks at work I had no motivation for. "GI Joe" (why did I watch that? I was too tired to object). Irregular and unsatisfying meals.

Highs - Completing tasks at work I had no motivation for so that they're out of my way for once and for all. "Coco avant Chanel" (spellbinding, captivating movie). One very good breakfast at Hediard with the best croissants in Singapore, discussing my upcoming trip to Spain and Morocco.

Bonus highs - magazines!

Reading is my favourite way to unwind, and nothing like a magazine for light reading.

I like a good mix of editorials and articles. (thank you Vanity Fair, for bringing the two together so beautifully in your "Mad Men" feature). I rarely linger over ad campaigns and those "fashion trends" type features because they alienate me, I almost never identify with whatever I'm looking at.

There were a few notable exceptions in my two September reads so far.

I hate Gap jeans (wrong fit on me, uninspired washes), but this fantastic pull-out ad made me want to go shopping there. I walked by the Anja Rubik one when I was out on the street the other day, and I actually slowed down to look again.

I just love that it's such a clean, simple, ad. It shows the product, it even has prices and it conveys this refreshing sense of straightforwardness, almost an honesty, which is such an irony because it's advertising. I'm totally won over by the image it wants to sell. And again, I don't even like Gap jeans. But I think this is the perfect vibe for Gap.
Elle UK picked this for a "microtrend" but I'm thinking Haider Ackermann is so much more than that. But it's a beautiful page and it demonstrates the power any one of his looks has.

G-Star Raw is one of my go-to places for denim, and this ad shows exactly why.

This Chanel ad is the opposite of the Gap ad. It's trying to convey a mood, and conjure a fantasy, which will somehow lure you into the shop. Works for me. I watched "Coco Avant Chanel" yesterday, and it reminds me of the scenes where Coco walks out to the riding fields in the countryside in her plain tailored tweeds.
Plus, I think Freja Beha can sell me anything. I love the attitude she brings to anything.


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