easy as 1, 2, 3

Dresses and I, it's not a relationship that has worked very well. I buy dresses I love, and find myself not wearing them. I admire the way they look in my wardrobe, and then I reach for my jeans. There are very dresses that make it into the 'staple' category of my wardrobe, though I buy them with that very intention.

This one here, after a couple of wears, might just make the cut.

It's easy as a t-shirt, and goes from work to to evenings to weekends with a simple change of shoes and layering with tanks, and it's made of a dreamy silk jersey material that stays put all day and never clings or rides awkwardly. I feel free and breezy. Let's see if this one actually achieves longevity.

This dress is incidentally from Massimo Dutti, which never disappoints, quality and fit-wise, and I find the styles classic but somehow in tune with what's modern, with a nod towards luxury and quality fabrics (at at affordable price points). You won't find any of that 80s' rubbish that's taking over the shops right now. If shopping well means buying the best one can afford, Massimo Dutti currently tops my list.


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