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I read that Peter Lindbergh revisited his "minimal retouching" philosophy and photographed a smattering of supermodels all barefaced and presumably only lightly retouched for Harper's Bazaar's September issue. Lovely, and something I hope to see more of.

I am a fan of Peter Lindbergh, for the simple reason that he somehow captures a cinematic, grand quality using the most stripped down of approaches. His editorials are never high-concept and rely little on special effects, hence they are usually the best when he's working with models with expressive faces and a unique beauty. You need a strong look to be laid out like that in all simplicity. He has a strong point of view, and you have the sense that he has particular ideals of beauty, style, and visuals.
If I had to express my style in a photographer, I would aspire to Peter Lindbergh.

I love many of his editorials to have a favourite, but this one from 1998 captures the mood I like best from him. A selection -
Magazine: Vogue Italia August 1998
By the way, I love the model, Zoe Gaze, who definitely deserves a post of her own. She has a an attitude that reminds me of a contemporary favourite, Freja Beha.
See the rest here and here
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