the little prints

So after the big-ass flowers, here comes the little-ass flowers.

I don't usually make it a habit of going home and swapping my day outfit for something to go out in at night, but today I happened to get home early and was having dinner when my friends decided to call out for a night of merry drinking and talking.

So in an conscious effort to wear the things in my closet I don't wear much, but can't bring myself to give away/sell/throw, I picked out a dress I bought in 2005, and have worn about twice. I fell for it because it hit just below the knee and I liked the primness of it, until I realise that prim is not a look for me.

And it took me another three years to go through the following thought process:

"Oh if only it wasn't so long."

"I wonder if I should cut it shorter? But I can't bear another bout of hemming by hand so soon."

"I wonder what happens if I do this..." (pulls the dress up and gathers it with belt)

"Oh look it's shorter. It looks normal. It's kind of nice? Why didn't I think of this before.?"

If I were called upon to innovate fashion, the human race would a) go extinct; b) become evolved to the point where clothing was obsolete; or c) I would have died of old age before I came up with anything.


k said…
Have fun, dress girl! It's a great dress!
enc said…
I like this print a lot!
Michael said…
Love the pun!
Nicole Then said…
u look familiar...were you on the Teenvogue snapshot blog?

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