throw on and run

I woke up today and immediately things I have to for the day hit me in the face like a bucket of cold water. It's the kind of day where what I wear takes a back seat and I just wear the most reliable of things.


I can't get over how great your outfits are! They're so simple yet so chic.
enc said…
Same thing happens to me. I just go with what's reliable.

I love this top, too; the drape.
Blue Floppy Hat said…
Hot, humid weather is the mortal enemy of looking put-together, yet you manage to overcome it! Bravo..
may i know where did you get that stripey boat-necked sweater?
fashionaddict said…
Thank you folks, sorry I have been neglecting the blog, but when I travel, I tend to avoid computers :)

Vogueite: I got that sweater at a wholesale market in Taipei last year, but I think Muji's got similar things right now.

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