the sound of silence

I've had a recurring fantasy all week. I'm going to check into a gorgeous hotel, go to my plush room, turn off my phone, and take a refreshing, invigorating shower.

Then, I'm going to order some food from room service, and read a novel, a few magazines, maybe watch a DVD, maybe nap.

Then I'm going to take a slow but long swim in a cool, sparkly pool while the sun sets. Then I'm going back to my room, draw a luxurious bath (better yet, get the hotel staff to do it for me), and luxuriate in that bath.

Then, if I feel motivated, maybe I'll put something pretty, and go to the hotel restaurant (it will of course be an excellent, beautifully-appointed restaurant, with fine food). Or if I don't, I'll order more room service. Probably with some great dessert.

Then I'll read some more, maybe channel surf for fun.

Then I'll draw the curtains, climb into my heavenly bed, and sleep in the kind of plump, rich silence only hotels seem able to offer.

I will be alone. There will be no phones, no Internet.

It's been a bad spell: I split ink on a beautiful white blouse, and the ink blots are stubborn. The very battered leather strap of my favourite watch broke. We've had some bad news in the family. I owe my boss some work, but I've been piled with more work so I haven't been able to clear them. I'm on Sunday duty again. Next week is going to be hell week, because it's going to be a busy week.

It'll pass, I'm going on vacation the following week, and my worries are mostly trivial. But I feel like flying into a rage at the smallest things, and I feel the need to shut myself away. I'm tired doing of "tasks", I'm tired of people. I want to get away.

So my favourite hotel in Singapore sprang to mind: the Four Seasons Hotel. I was once given a complimentary night's stay there (some credit card promotion) and it was heavenly - we had a posh slumber party and I remember the rooms were well-appointed, the service was flawless, and it was a lovely experience.

I'm going to charge a night's stay there on my credit card to indulge myself, and I'm going to feel loads better.

These things are even more fun done on impulse.

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Elizabeth said…
Good for you. I hope you have a really relaxing time on your stay in the hotel. It sounds like you deserve it.
Anonymous said…
wow, have you done this yet?
k said…
That was wonderful to read...and I am tremendously proud of you for doing it! I like impulsive things, but also very much enjoy the plan that drifts in the near future and guides me through the hard stuff. I am sorry that you are having a difficult time. I hope blue skies are on their way to you. :)
yanqin said…
Unfortunately, I have not. Last weekend I had work on Sunday, and I;m leaving this Saturday for a family vacation in Taiwan. Which doesn't quite fulfill my desire to be left alone, so I'm definitely going to this when I have a spare moment!

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